One evening father passed his daughter’s bedroom…

One evening father passed his daughter’s bedroom and
heard her saying her prayers. Smiling to himself, he stopped
to listen and heard her say, “God bless mummy, God bless
daddy, God bless Grandpa, bye bye Grandma.”
How odd, thought father, but he didn’t want his daughter to
know he’d been listening so he didn’t say anything to her. But
tragically, next day Grandma collapsed and died. A few
months went by and one evening father heard his daughter
praying again.
“God bless mummy, God bless daddy, bye bye Grandpa. No,
it couldn’t mean anything thought father apprehensively, but next morning they received a telegram to say that Grandpa
had passed away in his sleep!
The household got back to normal and almost a year passed
before father heard his daughter again.
“God bless mummy, bye bye daddy.”
Absolutely panic-stricken, father stayed up all night, too
frightened to sleep in case he didn’t wake up. The next
morning he walked to work instead of taking the car, in case
there was an accident, and spent the day at his desk doing
very little but worrying. When he got home that evening he
collapsed into a chair, his nerves in pieces, and told his wife
all about the nightmare day that he’d had.
She replied, “You’re not the only one to have had a bad day.
This morning when I opened the front door I found the
gasman dead on the front doorstep.”

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