Pam is at the end of her tether…

Pam is at the end of her tether. Her husband is out of work

and all he does is sit or lie in front of the TV drinking beer.

One day, the washing machine breaks down and she asks

him to take a look at it.

“Leave it out,” he says. “Who do you think I am, a washing

machine expert?”

As luck would have it, later on in the day the vacuum cleaner

packs up and again she asks him if he would have a look at


“Don’t be daft, woman, do I look like an electrician? Now

leave me in peace.”

And because things always come in threes, next morning the

back door gets stuck and won’t open. Feeling very fed up,

she confronts her idle husband and tells him about the door.

“Bugger off,” he replies, “do I look like a chippie?”

That’s it. She’s had enough. She gets three different

tradesmen in and all is repaired. In the evening, when she

tells her husband about the repairs, he asks her how much

the damn thing is going to cost.

“Well, they told me I could either pay by baking a cake or

having sex,” she replies.

“So what cake did you bake?”

“Don’t be silly,” she says scornfully. “Do I look like Mrs


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