Peter was hooked on gambling…

Peter was hooked on gambling and more than half his wages
each week would be lost on this addiction – from the horses,
dogs and more obscure pastimes such as cock fighting and
ferrets. One evening, he was returning home after becoming
champion for keeping a ferret down your trousers for the
longest time, when he passed the local cinema and
discovered they were showing a film he badly wanted to see.
No animals were allowed inside but that was no problem.
Peter stuck the ferret down his trousers. Halfway through
the picture, he unzipped his flies to give the animal some air.
A young girl was sitting next to him and she suddenly nudged
her friend and whispered frantically, “Sharon, that man’s got
his dick out!”
“Sshh, just ignore him,” replied her friend.
“But I can’t,” she moaned, “it’s nibbling my knee.”

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