Pssst you come over here!

A man is walking down the street when he hears a voice, Pssst you come over here! He looks round and can see no one but an old mangy greyhound. yes over here! Said the greyhound Look at me Im tied up here, I should be racing I won 14 races in my carrer you know? The man thought to himself Oh my god a talking dog, I have to have it, it will make me rich, tv appearances cabaret bookings So he goes in search of the owner.He found the owner and said Id like to buy your dog, is he for sale?? The owner says No mate you dont want that old moth eaten thing! But I do! Insisted the man Illl give you 1000 pounds for him. Ok said the owner but I think your making a big mistake! Handing over the money the man said Why do you think that? The man replied Because that dogs a bloody liar its never won a race in its life!

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