So this guy’s tired of life and fed up with not getting sex…

So this guy’s tired of life and fed up with not getting sex, so he goes to join the monastery. But there’s a recruitment test. As the Abbott explains to the ten potential recruits, “My sons, we must be sure that you won’t be troubled by sexual impulses if join the order. So we have a test for all our prospective members. Take your clothes off, sit on the bench, and attach this bell to the end of your penis. When the naked woman comes into the room, any man whose bell rings will have failed the test. He won’t be allowed to join our order, and must leave at once, for he will be sorely troubled with sexual thoughts while he is in our midst.” So the men, young and old alike, sit on the bench with a little bell tied to the end of their cocks, waiting expectantly. Then the most beautiful young blonde with big tits waltzes into the room and starts walking slowly down the line, teasing the men as she goes. Not a sound. Not a single erection, not a single bell rings. Until she gets to the end of the line and pushes her butt into the man’s face. Well, it’s all too much for him – his cock shoots up, the bell rings furiously and goes flying off across the room with the force of his erection. “I’m sorry,” he mumbles, confused and embarrassed, “I’ll just pick it up and leave.” So he bends down, naked butt upwards, balls dangling, and from behind him comes the tinkling of nine little bells….

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