Steve was a down-to-earth cockney lad…

Steve was a down-to-earth cockney lad from the East End
docks of London. At this time, he had a problem and he
didn’t know what to do. He was in love with two girls and
they were in love with him. There was Tracy who worked in
her dad’s eel pie and mash shop. She was blonde, beautiful
and funny. But there was also Maria, dark and stunning, kind
and thoughtful. One day he was passing a church and
decided to go inside for some divine inspiration. He knelt
down in one of the pews and prayed.
“Oh God, please ‘elp me. I’ve gotta decide who to wed, shall
I marry Tracy or Maria?”
When he had finished he looked up and smiled gratefully,
for over the alter he read “Ave Maria”. And that’s just what
he did.

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