The bride was in floods of tears…

The bride was in floods of tears. Only an hour before her

wedding and the heel had broken on her new shoes.

“Don’t worry,” said the bridesmaid. “I’ve got a pair of white

shoes, they may be a bit small but I think you’ll be able to put

up with them for a short while.”

So the wedding went ahead without mishap and afterwards

at the reception there was much merrymaking. However, by

the end of the evening, Megan’s feet were in agony and she

couldn’t wait to get upstairs to their honeymoon suite to get

the shoes off.

Unbeknown to the happy couple, some of the guests,

including the parents, followed them upstairs to listen

outside the door. For a few minutes they giggled as they

heard the sound of huffing and puffing and groaning and

then the bridegroom was heard to say, “My goodness Megan,

that was tight.”

“There!” whispered her mother. “I told you she was a virgin.”

But then they all got quite a surprise when they heard him


“Okay, now for the other one.”

Again, there was the sound of groaning and panting until

the bridegroom spoke again.

“Blimey, that was even tighter.”

“Good lad,” whispered his father.

“Once a sailor, always a sailor.”

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