This fellow comes home from a bar and is very drunk. His wife asks him where he was and he replies that he was at a bar that had Gold Carpet, Gold Curtains, Gold Shot Glasses and even a Gold Urinal. His wife told him to go to bed as he was drunk, and that no bar has a Gold Urinal, so he went to bed. She got to wondering where he was that night, so she called the 1st bar and asked bartender if they had Gold Carpet, which he replied No! So, she called the 2nd bar and asked if they had a Gold Carpet, and the bartender also said No, they didn’t. As a last resort, she called the last bar and asked the same question. The bartender answered back saying Yes! We even have Gold Curtains and Gold Shot Glasses. His wife asked the bartender if she could ask him one more question. He said Go for it. She asked him if they happened to have a Gold Urinal, then she could hear the bartender holler Hey, Mac! Take the other line, I think we have a lead on that guy who pissed in the Saxophone.

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