The head of the East End gang was Walter “Shooter” Menagle…

The head of the East End gang was Walter “Shooter”

Menagle. He and his thugs earned thousands of pounds a

month from protection rackets, gambling syndicates and

general crime. One day, one of his trusted men asked him if

he could find a job for his nephew who was deaf and dumb.

“Sure,” said Menagle, “get him to be a runner for the

casinos. So young Ken joined the gang and went about his

business unnoticed by those around him until one fatal

morning when he and his uncle were called to Menagle’s


“Now listen and listen good,” said Menagle to the uncle.

“Your-low-down no-good nephew has been stealing money

from me. Bit by bit over these past few months, it’s added

up to over £1⁄4 million. I want it back. NOW. Go on, tell him.”

The shocked uncle turned to his nephew and in sign

language asked him what he had done with the money. Ken

shook his head and Menagle flew into a rage. Taking a gun

out of his jacket he aimed it at the boy’s head and screamed,

“Get that fu*ker to tell me where the money is or he can start to say his prayers.”

Again, the uncle asked his nephew in sign language and this

time the terrified boy responded by signing that he’d hidden

the money in his uncle’s garage.

“Well,” demanded Menagle. “What’s he saying?”

“He said he doesn’t believe you’d shoot him, he thinks you’ll

chicken out.”

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