The old farmer married a young girl of 18…

The old farmer married a young girl of 18 and after a few

months of idyllic married life, he went to see his doctor.

“The problem is I’m having to work many hours on the farm

but I have to keep breaking off when I get the urge, to run

back to the house, jump into bed and do the business. Then

it’s back to work, and it’s knackering me.”

The doctor suggested that his wife should come to see him

out in the fields.

“Every time you get the urge,” said the doctor, “fire a shot

from your gun to let your wife know you’re waiting for her.

A few months passed and then the doctor met the old farmer

in the high street.

“How’s the shotgun plan working?” he asked.

“Oh it was very good at first, but then the duck shooting

season started and I haven’t seen her since,” he replied


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