The plane’s engines are failing…

The plane’s engines are failing and the pilot informs the

passengers that the situation is very serious, their only hope

is finding a place good enough to try a crash landing.

Most of the passengers turn to the alcohol trolley,

determined to get so pissed they won’t feel the pain, but one

man alone asks the black stewardess if he can sleep with her.

At first she’s outraged, but then decides that making love is

as good a way as any of spending her last few minutes alive.

So they retire to the back of the plane and get down to it.

After a moment or so, she asks him why he chose her instead

of getting drunk like the rest of them.

“Well, I’ve always been told that the only part of the plane

which survives a crash is the black box, so I reckoned I’d be

in it when the plane went down.”

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