The poor man was in great difficulties…

The poor man was in great difficulties. His business was

failing and it looked as if he was facing bankruptcy. As a last

resort he popped into the local church and kneeling down he

prayed fervently.

“Oh God, please don’t let this happen to me, please let me

win the lottery.”

But on Saturday night, he had no luck. The following week,

the situation got worse. The man lost his house and all his

possessions, so once again he went into church and prayed


“Oh please, please I beg you, please let me win the lottery.”

But on Saturday, he had no luck. On the following Monday,

his wife and children left him and he was now completely on

his own. He ran into church, got down on his knees and

pleaded, “Oh God, everything has gone, I have nothing left.

Have pity on me, I beg you. Why won’t you help me win the


At that moment, there was a tremendous thunderclap, a

bright flashing light and God boomed out, “You daft bugger,

you could at least give yourself a sporting chance and buy a

fu*king ticket!”

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