There was a convention on in town…

There was a convention on in town and all the available

accommodation was taken up by the visiting delegates.

“I’m sorry, Sir, there isn’t a room anywhere, the only bed I’ve

got left means you’ll have to share a room with one of our

local residents and he snores so loudly you won’t get any

sleep at all.” The weary traveller considered it for a moment

and then smiled.

“No problem,” he said, “I don’t mind sharing.”

The next morning, the man went to check out.

“Well, sir, you look well rested, you must have slept well, how

did you manage it with all that snoring?”

“I wasn’t disturbed at all,” replied the man. “Before I went to

sleep I blew the other man a kiss and said, ‘Sleep well

darling.’ He stayed awake all night watching me.”

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