There were three men working…

There were three men working at the top of a building. One was Chinese, one was Mexican, and the other one was Polish. At lunch they went to the edge and the top of the building the Mexican guy pulled out a taco and he said if I get another taco I am gonna jump off this bulding tomorrow. The Chinese guy pulled out fried rice and said if I get fried rice tomorrow Im gonna jump off with you. The Polish guy pulled out a ham sanwich and said if I get another ham sandwich Im gonna jump tomorrow with you guys too. The next day the Mexican guy got a taco so he jumped off. The Chinese guy got fried rice so he jumped off. The Polish guy got a ham sandwich so hey jumped off the building. The next day their wives had a triple funeral and the Mexican guys wife was crying and she said I could have made him a burrito or something. The Chinese guys wife was cring and said I could have made him some sushi. Th e Polish guys wife couldnt stop laughing. The others asked what was so funny? She stopped for a second and said that he had always made his own lunch.

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