There’s a man who has fifty inch long penis

There’s a man who has fifty inch long penis. But he can’t get any sex, because every woman who sees it faints at the sight. So he goes to the doctor and begs him to shorten it. But the doctor refuses – he can’t shorten a perfectly good penis, he tells the man, but he does happen to know a witch who lives in the forest. She might be able to help. Because he’s so desperate he decides he’ll go and see her, though of course he thinks it’s all a bit odd. But he sets off into the forest and sure enough finds the witch sitting in front of her cottage casting spells. “Witch,” he says, “please help me, I have a fifty inch long penis and no one will have sex with me!” She takes one look at his massive cock and then says, “You do need my help. But you must go into the forest and find the magic frog who lives in the pond. Ask him to marry you, and each time he refuses, your penis will shrink by ten inches!” Weird though this is, the man is desperate, so off he goes into the forest. And, sure enough, he finds the magic frog singing quietly to itself. “Froggy,” he shouts, “please marry me!” The frog looks up, annoyed. “No!” he croaks, “I can’t do that, seeing as how I’m a frog and you’re a man.” The guy looks down – sure enough, his penis has shrunk by ten inches! It’s still a bit long for sex, he thinks, at forty inches, but he’s delighted, so he shouts back at the frog: “Oh, go on, please marry me!” “No – I told you once!” the frog croaks, “I can’t do that!” The man looks down – sure enough, his penis has shrunk by ten inches again! It’s now only thirty inches long! The guy thinks this is wonderful but, still, another ten inches off would be perfect! “Frog,” he roars across the pond, “please marry me!” The frog looks extremely annoyed, shakes his head and shouts, “No ……….NO…..AND FOR THE LAST TIME………NO!”

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