Think…Don’t Say…

“Did I tell you about that wonderful beaded dress I almost bought for you ? But then I thought you’ll look great without it, just the same.” 


“This restaurant’s terrible, but it was the only place offering 50% off on Valentine’s Day dinner, so I had to bring you here.” 


“I know you don’t eat stuff with faces, that’s why I ordered turkey legs.” 


“It’s been much better ever since I accepted that my Valentine’s Day dates would never be smart.” 


“My ex and I came here for our first date. Isn’t that nostalgic ?” 


“Weren’t you the geekiest person in college ? How did you do a makeover ?” 


“Oh ! You’re having that ? Excuse me, got to run to the ATM.” 


“Thank god I listened to my friends, or else I would never have called you back.” 

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