Three blokes met up to play golf on Sunday morning…

Three blokes met up to play golf on Sunday morning and

compared notes on how they managed to get their wives to

let them go. The first said he’d brought his wife breakfast in

bed, taken the dog for an early morning walk and washed the

car. “She was so pleased, she was delighted to let me go,” he

said. The second man recounted how he’d prepared

everything for Sunday lunch and cleared up the kitchen

from a dinner party the night before.

“She reckoned I’d earned a round of golf,” he said.

The third man looked at his mates and said

“I woke up, belched twice, scratched my balls and let rip with

a real stinker. Then I said to her, “Come on then, intercourse

or golf course? She couldn’t wait to see me go.”

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