Three men get captured in the jungle by cannibals…

Three men get captured in the jungle by cannibals and are

taken back to the big Chief who immediately gets out his

penis and tells them that if their 3 penises together can

match his, then they will be set free. Now the cannibal chief

has a 22 inch donger so the first man gets his out and it

measures 11 inches. The second man reveals his and it’s 9

inches. Only another 2 inches are needed so the men are

feeling quietly confident when the third man drops his

trousers and produces a pathetic example of manhood.

However, it just makes 2 inches so the men are set free. Later

on, back at camp, the first man says to his companions, “It’s

a good thing mine was 11 inches.”

“It’s lucky mine was 9 inches,” says the second.

“And it’s a bloody good thing I had an erection,” answers the


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