Top 10 most awkward moments in medical training…

10. The time an attending asked me an easy question, and I totally blanked but my med student knew the answer.

9. The time my demented patient mistook me for his wife and tried to land a sloppy kiss on me.

8. The first time I performed a digital rectal exam.

7. The time I walked in to my patient’s room to perform a physical and she was having sex with her boyfriend.

6. The time that I discovered that my patient didn’t really need a vaginal exam but was actually just hypersexual.

5. The time that I was performing a digit rectal exam on a patient and accidentally inspired a huge bout of diarrhea.

4. The time I realized that my patient’s visitor was a nurse and she knew that I was putting the phlebotomy supplies together backwards.

3. The time I realized that I accidentally inserted a foley catheter into a woman’s anus (okay this actually happened to a friend of mine).

2. The time I decided to use the men’s restroom as I didn’t have the code to the women’s restroom and a colleague walked in on me coming out of the stall.

1. The time I palpated a pulse on a patient and then discovered that she had expired 20 minutes prior.

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