Top 10 Signs Bush Is Considering Dumping Cheney

10. Cheney’s desk has been replaced by President’s new air hockey table.

9. There’s a listing on Monster Dot Com for a Vice-Presidential position in a Large North American Government.

8. Cheney’s so depressed he’s only eating 12 KFC drumsticks a day.

7. There is a For Rent sign on the front lawn of the undisclosed location.

6. When Cheney says, We’re gonna win in November, Bush snarls, What’s this ‘We’ crap?

5. White House interns are no longer required to know CPR.

4. The CIA says they have reliable information Cheney won’t be dumped.

3. Bush asked Trump if he could come to Washington and fire Cheney.

2. Yesterday a tearful Cheney sang I Will Survive on the White House lawn.

1. Bush called Daddy looking for Quayle’s number.

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