Top Ten Good Things About Being A New York Yankee presented by George Steinbrenner

10. With the player discount, a hot dog at Yankee Stadium is now only $50

9. Your bobble-head doll is a legal form of identification in New York State

8. With me there’s very little pressure to win

7. Hideki Matsui can teach you to sing in Japanese

6. After every game, Yogi Berra gives you a complimentary foot massage

5. Our spring training facility is near a Hooters

4. Take it from the guy signing the checks — some of the players do OK for themselves

3. Pinstripes make your butt look slimmer

2. You get to meet all of Derek Jeter’s girlfriends

1. You think this A-Rod deal is good? We’re about to sign TY Cobb

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