Top Ten Messages on Britney Spears’ Answering Machine

10. This is the printing company. Your wedding announcements are ready

9. Hey, it’s Christina Aguilera, did you get married or did I?

8. It’s the printing company. Your annulment announcements are ready

7. Rush Limbaugh here. I’d love to try whatever you were taking the other night.

6. So other than the embarrassing marriage and annulment, how was Vegas?

5. Hey, it’s Paris. You don’t need to get married to get attention. Just have sex on the internet.

4. This is Kenny from high school. I have a couple of hours free on Thursday if you want to get married and divorced.

3. Honey, it’s Liza. Next time, instead of an annulment, hit him with a bottle.

2. It’s Jessica Simpson. Thanks for making me look like a genius.

1. Pete Rose here. I bet 10,000 dollars on your marriage lasting a week

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