Two men are crossing the Pennines…

Two men are crossing the Pennines when their car packs up

on them and they are left stranded. Fortunately, they spot a

little cottage and decide to ask for shelter. The door is

opened by a widow who immediately invites them in and

gives them something to eat.

“I’m sorry, I only have a single bed in the spare room, so one

of you will have to share with me. Steve picks the short straw

and ends up sleeping with the widow who is so starved for

sex that the night turns out to be very passionate.

The following morning, they have breakfast and say


“Martin, I’ve got something to confess,” says Steve. “When

she asked me for my name and address I gave her yours. You

know what my wife is like, she’d have murdered me.”

However, Martin is not amused and when they return home,

they don’t see each other for over a year, until they meet up

again in the bank.

“I’m glad I’ve seen you,” says Martin. “I’ve had a letter from

the solicitor of that widow, he…”

But before he can continue, Steve interrupts.

“Listen, I really am sorry about that. As it happens, my wife’s

left me anyway.”

“No, no,” says Martin. “I just wanted to let you know that the

widow has died and left me £2 million.”

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