Two men were painting a bridge over the River Seven…

Two men were painting a bridge over the River Seven. One

was in a cradle at the top and the other was in a second

cradle further down, steadying the ropes.

“Throw me up some paint thinner” shouted the first man.

“Oh thanks” said the second man, who was hard of hearing.

“I’ve been on this diet a month now.”

“No, I said throw me up some thinner.”

“Yes thanks, I’ve had my dinner.”

“Listen, you stupid prat, I said PAINT THINNER” he


“Oh right,” and the second man threw him up a bottle of

paint thinner which unfortunately hit him on the head

causing him to fall out of the cradle and plunge into the icy

waters, never to be seen again. The following month, an

inquest was held and before the verdict was announced the

coroner asked whether anyone present had anything to say.

His mate got up and replied,

“Just one thing, Mr Coroner Sir. I think his accident had

something to do with sex.”

“Really? Why’s that?”

“Well, as he passed me going down he shouted ‘Cunt’.”


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