Two men who couldn’t read or write…

Two men who couldn’t read or write, and definitely could not tell time, met on the street for the first time, while waiting for the bus and started a conversation.

The first man said Nice day today, I am just waiting for the bus. I am out shopping for a gift for my wife, its her birthday tomorrow

The second one said, Yes, it is a great day. And it is very nice of you to buy a gift for your wife for her birthday. My birthday was today, and a friend gave me a wristwatch as a gift.

Hmmm. That was nice of him…, what time is it now? asked the first man.

The second man looked at his new watch, but didn’t say anithing, he just stretched out his arm to show the first man the time.

Oh, so it is. Yep, sure is. said the first man.

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