Two men, who’ve been good friends for years…

Two men, who’ve been good friends for years, go off hiking

over the Yorkshire Dales. They walk 20 miles during the

morning and stop for lunch at the Travellers Rest for

sandwiches and a few pints of beer. Of course, halfway

through the afternoon Bob is dying for a pee and rushes into

the undergrowth to relieve himself. All of a sudden Pete

hears a mighty scream and rushing over, he discovers that

Bob has been bitten on his todger by a rare snake.

“Don’t worry Bob, I’ll go and get help,” says Pete, and he

sets off for the nearest village. The doctor tells him that his

mate will die unless he acts immediately.

“You need to suck out all the poison from the wound as soon

as possible.”

Pete returns to Bob who’s lying there in agony.

“What did he say” asks Bob.

“Sorry mate, the doctor says you’re going to die.”

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