Two retired gentlemen met up in their club for drinks…

Two retired gentlemen met up in their club for drinks. The

first said, “How’s that son of yours getting on, Bernard?”

“Oh, very well, thank you. This year his company made

record profits so now he’s bought himself a country estate.

In fact, he’s given away his flat in Mayfair to one of his

friends. What about your son?” asked the second man.

“I’m pleased to say, he’s also doing well. He’s just finished a

very successful film and with the proceeds, he’s given away

his 2-seater plane and bought himself a company jet.”

As the two men sat there, contemplating their off-springs’

good fortune, another man joined them.

“Good evening, Bernard, hello, Geoffrey, may I join you?”

“Certainly,” they replied, “we were just catching up on news

of our sons. How’s yours doing, by the way?”

“Well, mixed fortunes really,” he said. “Last week he

confessed to my wife and I that he was gay. But it’s not all bad

news. He’s made some lovely friends. One’s given him a flat

in Mayfair and the other’s presented him with a 2-seater


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