Two salesmen were traveling through northern Wisconsin…

Two salesmen were traveling through northern Wisconsin one Feb. and it started to snow. Harder and harder till they came to a complete stop. One said Hey there is a light on the hill. Must be a farm house, lets get up there and see if we can sleep in the barn rather than this cold car. After the widow lady answered the door bell and they explained their problem she said Well gentlemen, you don’t have to sleep in the barn. I am a widow and I have three bedrooms here. Please come in and I will make some warm dinner for you. They did and then watched some TV and all went to bed. The next morning the roads had been cleared and they thanked the widow and left.

About 9 months later one salesman got a registered letter from the law offices of Dewey, Cheatham and Howe in Madison Wisconsin. After he read the letter he immediately called his associate and said, Hey Jim, do you remember when we got stuck in the snow last winter in Wisconsin? Sure replied Jim. Well, tell me something, did you by any chance sneak into the widows bedroom that night? Well! replied the salesman, as a matter of fact I did. But why do you ask?Tell me something else, first, he replied did you by any chance use my name? Well, said the salesman, as a matter of fact I did. After all you are single and always sleeping around and I’m married and can’t so I figured it was safer that way. Why? what happened? Why are you asking these questions?

Well the first salesman said, It seems she died and left me the farm!

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