Two women talking over the garden fence…

Two women talking over the garden fence.

“Why Samantha, you’re looking very pleased with yourself,

what’s been going on?” asked Julie.

“Well I’ve had the most extraordinary week” replied


“Yesterday I answered the door and standing there was a

beautiful young man who asked me if Ben was in. When I

told him he wasn’t, he took me by the hand, led me upstairs,

put me on the bed and made love to me all morning. My, he

was a big boy! Then yesterday, he came round again, asked

if Ben was in and when I said no, he took me back up to the

bedroom and had me in 3 different positions for more than

3 hours. He never seems to get tired! Then, would you

believe it, he comes back again this morning, asks for Ben

and when I tell him Ben is at work, he carries me up to the

bedroom and takes me time and time again.

Julie, I can’t believe how wonderful it’s been. One thing that

puzzles me though…why does he want to see Ben?”

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