Valentines aries 2016

With Valentine’s Day comes the perfect opportunity for all sorts of things that have previously been hidden from sight to suddenly expose themselves. For your safety and comfort, please ensure that that exposure is limited to thoughts, ideas and words – rather than body parts or gases. Since it’s a time of love for everyone, jail might not be the best place to be spending this February 14th.


Love can come from all sorts of directions, but when it falls from the sky it’s more likely to cause injury. If angels do fly low, it’s only to laugh at how pathetic we all are.


If you’re looking for something deep and meaningful from your valentine’s day, your best bet may be to find an abandoned goldmine and start digging. On the off-chance that you strike gold, please remember to tip the fortune teller on the way out.


Lastly: good luck for your Valentine’s day. That isn’t a veiled warning, or a “man – you ugly!” type nasticism… we at Laughsend genuinely hope you have a fantastic day and that you either find love, or are blessed to have love thrust upon you.

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