Valentines libra 2016

Libra – the most exciting of all star-signs has so much fun in store for Valentine’s day. In amongst the treats and favours you receive from a loved one will also be the respect, love and adoration you truly deserve. Unfortunately, most of those things will be entirely to do with getting you into a compromising situation.


While today will be full of phrase you’ve not heard before, “Please, it is Valentine’s after all” may be the most commonly heard amongst Librans. Due to your giving and pleasing natures, eleven-twelfths of the population will find themselves entirely satisfied by the end of the day of the 14th, while you are left wondering whether the chemist will still be open.


Today could be an excellent day or a terrible day, it’s really not up to me. But if it was, I’d make sure that you got all the glory, that everyone else did all the work, and that leprechauns with little jingly bells kept coming up to your enemies and whacking them on the shins with tiny little scythes.

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