Valentines pisces 2016

Pisceans are, of course, born just after Valentine’s Day, which means that you are not imbued with as much naturally love and tension as many of your other kin. However, today you will set the record straight by claiming a number of notches on your bedpost – a number of extra names in your diary – and a number of other compromising images on your flickr account.


You may feel the urge to rush out and buy a music single today, but be careful which one you choose. Your Valentine’s Day could be made or broken by that choice, and whether the smooth silky tones of Luther Vandross belt out from your stereo, or the soft come-to-bed attitude of the highly sensual Justin Bieber/Susan Boyle collaboration.


Today will just be a whole heap of fun if you just LET IT. So go on, relax, and let the day wash over you.

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