Valentines sagittarius 2016

Sagittarians are best linked with Aries and Libra, so if you’re looking around the place and thinking “Who’s my best chance for a snog?” you might want to whip out the old “Hey, let’s play the birthday game” and find out things to your advantage.


If Goblins were real, they’d all be Sagittarians. This isn’t a way of saying you’re unattractive – on the contrary, Goblins are (universally speaking) some of the most attractive creatures around. On the whole, Goblins are pretty much the best you’re going to get, anyway.


If lustful thoughts are making their way through your mind, you might as well call a halt on them now. The chances of you “getting lucky” within the next day or so are limited. In fact, if you are looking for love you might as well go and buy one of ‘those’ magazines. Yes, you know the ones.

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