Well I guess you can hold my van and tools…

A fellow went into a pawnshop in New York and asked to borrow $2500 for a trip to Hawaii, he was told he would have to put up collateral for security. They explained to him that they would hold it until the loan was paid with the interest owing. “Well I guess you can hold my van and tools,” he replied. ” Will they be safe?” He was assured that they were kept in a locked compound and only bonded staff were allowed access. Three weeks later he returned to pick up his van and tools, wrote a check for $2531.00 and as the clerk was doing the paperwork he inquired, ” There is something we don’t understand, we checked your credit, you have a thriving business, yet you pawned your brand new van and expensive tools for money for a trip.” ” Where else could I find secure parking for just over $10 a week in this town.” the man replied.

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