Whisky on the rocks, bartender, please…

“Whisky on the rocks, bartender, please,” says the man, and

as he gulps it down in one go he takes out a picture from his

back pocket.

“Another whisky, please,” and again he gulps it down and

looks at the picture in his back pocket. For the next 2 hours

he goes through the same routine, time and time again. By

the end of the night he turns to stagger out when the

bartender taps him on the shoulder.

“Sorry, mate, but I have to ask,” said the bartender. “You’ve

ordered whiskies all night and each time you’ve drunk one,

you’ve taken out a picture in your back pocket and looked at

it. May I ask why?”

“Sure,” replied the man, sounding very pissed. “It’s a

picture of my wife and when I think she’s looking good, then

it’s time for me to go home.”

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