They were a beautiful couple

They built a fantasy bubble

A comfortable pair who found love there for the taking


They painted fabulous pictures

Of their glorious future

They were meant to be, it was destiny, they were fated


Until one day…



Her honesty issues

Triggered his trust issues

Which set off her self-esteem issues

Which hooked his judgment issues


Which fueled her fear of criticism issues

Which got the better of his guilt issues

Which violated her victim issues

Which cranked up his control issues


Which engaged her ego issues

Which ramped up his rescuer issues

Which snagged her narcissism issues

Which made him want to run the hell away


Which activated her abandonment issues

Which inflamed his anger issues

Which sparked her security issues

Which fomented his accountability issues

You see the problem?


They had a painful breakup

Produced a kind of wakeup

Only one thing to do, deja vu, back together


And after years of mending

Still not a happy ending

And when it came, of course, they blamed each other


You know, it’s the funniest thing, since I’ve been singing this story

Each of my old girlfriends

Calls me up just wonderin’

By any chance, is this little song and dance about her?

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