You Might be a Marine Wife if…

You Might be a Marine Wife if: 1. Your mail goes to four addresses in two countries before it reaches you. 2. You earned an Accounting degree by deciphering your husbands LES and running a family on what was ACTUALLY deposited. 3. Savings sounds like a great idea and you hope to someday have some. 4. Sex – see #3. 5. You can simultaneously be a control freak, change plans on a moments notice, yet you are not being treated for schizophrenia. 6. You know the Tricare regulations/procedures better than their service reps. 7. You know what forms you need better than your husbands Admin clerk. 8. You are strangely attracted (or repulsed) by the color green. 9. You can calculate the cost of a 5-minute phone call from any country, any time, on up to four different calling plans. 10. At a distance, you can pick out your husband from 100 other men with identical haircuts and clothes. 11. The face paint in your closet is NOT for your children. 12. Name tapes are not just for kids.

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